2 : Recurring Worlds

439 views — Oct. 14, 2021, 1:47 a.m.

Shirogane Takeru found himself inexplicably transported to a world that resembled his own in many ways, with one major difference: For nearly 30 years, mankind has been at war with the alien BETA, who have succeeded at wiping out over half of humanity and had nearly captured the entire Eurasian continent. As Takeru tried to come to grips with this bizarre new reality, he realized too late that the majority of humanity will be abandoned with the Earth, as the chosen few escape to the stars, hoping to find sanctuary.
Now, equally inexplicable reasons, he finds himself returned to the first day of his time in this alternate world. Will the experiences and knowledge he has gained allow him to make a difference?


The world has been engulfed in a desperate, three-decade-long war against the BETA—an alien species that invaded the planet in 1973. Amid this chaos, a high school student named Takeru Shirogane suddenly wakes up from a terrifying nightmare where he sees mankind in utter defeat. Soon after, he realizes that his dream was nothing more than the recollections of his life in an alternative universe. In those memories, the Alternative V project is implemented, sending hundreds of thousands of people into space as a last resort to preserve humanity, while leaving the remaining billion on Earth to suffer a cruel fate. Yearning to change this grim future, Takeru joins a military base in Yokohama, which happens to be his former high school. There, he manages to convince the base's vice-commander and leader of the Alternative IV project, Professor Yuuko Kouzuki, to prevent Alternative V from happening. To ensure the success of Alternative IV, Takeru must pilot the gigantic humanoid machines Tactical Surface Fighters (TSF) alongside his fellow cadets. However, he has only two months to complete his training and exploit his partial knowledge of the future—lest the ensuing tragedy take place. [Written by MAL Rewrite]

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