The only anime that is totally different than all the animes and is bot mid like mid piece of filleruto 🙄 . Fr i never expected a time travel thingy would be in this type of anime . Like Eren was always cussing his dad for starting this story but as the times pass we get to know that his dad was just like a key to open more paths who had a terrible past as well All the yeagers sacrificed themselves just to secure the future of the ones who are against you . Not only that but they wont even have a glimpse of what that freedom is like 😞😔😟 . Eren literally Cut off his leg popped out his own eye and saved Armin when his leg just got bitten off by a titan . Fr he is really the best mc and not like a mid mc like naruto or luffy who are totally copied from goku but weaker and even their goals and side characters and nature is exact sane as well . People like Eren , Lelouch , Light , Guts , Yuichi , Kaneki , Subaru , Ruedus are the ones who are the SSS+ tier mc guts is not that great btw but Eren > all . No mc could do that what eren did . Its just like a God said " You did everything to make peace with, Now give them the war they want " .

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