Ah one of my favorites is getting an anime, wow! I am super hyped. I mean who wouldn't be? I watch the first episode and then say "WTH is this, bad pacing, animation and voice acting." This is not only disappointing but one of the worst anime this year. Let me tell you something, if you didn't like the anime or didn't watch it yet, then please read the manga.

Story is about a guy who doesn't find joy in anything but then my dude discovers drawing, he really loves it and then boom! The start of an inspiring story. You will love it, especially those who draw, paint or are interested in that type of stuff. Its extremely inspiring and wants you to really start and try, I just love everything about it.

Art is what? What art? Those poorly drawn faces done by some lazy people not even passionate about what they do? Disappointing Art, the manga art was actually pretty good but this anime is just horrendous in terms of Art, like bro wth The facial expressions are just poorly drawn, the animation is mediocre. I am not saying that I need some sort of Monogatari level animation but common bro this is not allowed, how can you ruin such a great manga like this???? Horrendous Art and animation no doubt. Stupid people make shit stuff. 30% of the problems come from the art and animation. How can someone mess up the art of an anime that is about art?? Ridiculously Trash.

Sound is something I wasn't sure of but it turned out to be good, at least the opening and ending theme songs. The voice acting isn't good, not good in the least. Feels pretty bad, not really the worst but common they could have made the entire anime much better if the voice acting was good but nah they were like, its going to make money anyways so lets just be lazy haha. Please bring better voice acting for the next season. Haha thanks for ruining this too. 20% problems come from the voice acting.

The pacing is horrendous, not even mediocre just horrendous. Its extremely fast and just literally is poor. Some episodes have better pacing than the others but still trash pacing nonetheless. I loved how slow paced the manga actually was, but seeing this fast paced mess makes me puke. One of the worst pacing ever seen. No Doubt. Its where half of the problems come from, unforgivable.

Characters could have been just top-notch but once again the shitty pacing ruined it, an emotional and goated manga gets ruined even in the char part! WOAH! The studio either went on drugs or was a bunch of untalented retards who don't care about the fan. Straight up ruined bad characters, this mediocrity is unbearable, makes my blood boil. Though some scenes for anime only were pretty good but for me it was just horrendous.

Enjoyment is nothing. Who enjoys a crap adaptation of an inspiring, top notch manga? NO ONE! They really ruined it, bad art, mediocre voice acting, char ruined by pacing, enjoyment is then nothing due to all the other factors. I am disappointed, not disappointed in the sense of thinking it might be good but in the sense of expecting a masterpiece since the manga was great. My fall has been ruined, and until next season of trashy isekai this is a goodbye from the reviews. Hopefully they change the studios who make it good or get better animation, pacing, art, voice acting, and lastly follow the manga.

I have yet to see the final and last episode but since the rest of it was already this disappointing I don't think it will get any better in all those areas. Once again new fans shouldn't watch this trash but instead should definitely without a doubt read the masterpiece manga. You may watch the anime but its just inferior to manga. The manga is just much more better. Its emotional, inspiring and very solid in all areas.

This is my very own review written by Hyacinth.

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