Yes, this here is the first review on such a glorious Anime it's at least 9 years ahead of its time absolutely wonderful and brilliant. You would never expect an Anime from the year 2005 to typically be so wonderful and expansive as one such as this It really gives so much that you would want to see more of generally in Anime even in the 2010s. It really just blew me out of the water with expectations I assumed it would be a watch a few episodes skipover kind of deal with most Animes from that time having very little enthusiam just being overly bland/boring. Graciously I would really enjoy seeing more Animes like this one despite their age it's quite beneficial to ones mindset and way of thinking if I do say so myself it has honestly made me a much happier person. Certainly with the essence/hype I feel it will do the same and have many positive effects on others as it revives those moments of watching much more ecstatic/adrenalizes Animes that went away in such a short time. I must say that It feels like such an honor to be bestowed with the ability to watch this Anime and many others that are grand on this amazing and perfectly comprehensive Yugen Anime that surely cares in doing a good job for it's users. I will admit that the ending isn't what you would expect or what I wanted though.

For some of you this would be one of those great Animes to watch while working out or studying to enhance your self image.

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