Vandread: The Second Stage pick up from the previous season where Hibiki and the gang found Misty, a runaway from Earth. This set up as rival character to Dita and to spice the relationship between them. Honestly, the addition of Misty to the crew was a bold move by the creator to introduce another potential heroine to the cast but it was quite a problematic execution. Misty wasn't going anywhere in her characterization, and aren't really important in their quest in fighting off the Earth. So it was quite a missing oppoturnity with her, though, she had been a focal point of contrast in the relation of the crew with outsiders beside the men.

The story has some of its high and down. Its only really picking up episode 10+ while most of the previous one focus on developing characters and their development. There are things that really grind my gears, though. The story had develop the plot and its character only to discard it at the very last moment. But that understandable, this target audience was primarily children, and I can see the decision to lean it on a happy ending. I couldn't complain, just felt annoyance. But if you're watching for some good character development, this does have quite a good chunk of it. Every episode is just one character after another. Their worries, and how they overcome it. This season put a lot on emphasis on the supporting cast, from Ezra, Bart, Misty, Parfet, even BC, and for each of them in the spotlight, it was definitely satisfying seeing these character with their conclusion of stories. Hibiki and his relationship with the threee main heroine has some of its spotlight, but as usual, only to end it with the status quo. To sum it up, the main story really aren't picking up until late of the season and the stories are padded with satisfying stories of the supporting cast while the main ones are being dragged behind. Not an insult per se, just stating my feeling of the story.

There's not much to say about the animation technique. There's not much that changes from previous season. Probably budget or technical reason. No complaint here. I mostly centered my reviews based on the substance, not the appeareance. Though I would definitely compliment the new OP. It is was quite a catchy tune.

There's a lot of idea that are being presented in this story. The plot tries to ties the relationship between opposites sexes, the direction the relationship is going, advise on how should one live their life, of parenting and parenthood, and finally our direction as a species. The story are very simplistic in its beginning and trying to expand it into something much more bigger, but in doing so, they gave quite a high of a hurdle for a second season and I think, is where the story fall flat in its conclusion. The final dialogue are basically ignored and turned into shonen trope where, love and friendship triumph all. Just a note to myself here. Classical story has more emphasis on the character and the characterization, so even when the story takes a dip, the character are still a lifelines in which the story can back onto, and Vandread is an example of this, the story is not something you would called great, but the characterization is very good that you couldn't couldn't really let it go. Therefore, character is always a priority as a secondary net of failure, but its not a replacement of great story.

All in all, Vandread, both season was a very good experience. It has a firm idea in its premises backed up by the characterization, but gives out a good-not-great performance in its climax. It has its moment in the simple story, but has problem in tying the overarching idea. Even so, I can overlook the flaws because the characterization of its cast are really enjoyable. I really like it.

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