Don't worry I'm going to keep this review short.
Kengan Ashura may not be liked by everyone since it only revolves around a tournament and fight scenes. But thats where you have mistaken! Not only does it show amazing fight scenes every episode, but it also shows great character development and not only for the main characters but for side characters as well.
It truly is disappointing that there are only 2 seasons since many years now, but as a fan I could not wait so I read the manga. And trust me you guys it's SUPERB!!!! I cant wait for it to get animated.
It's fighting scenes are awesome! and you will love it even more because of how it gives you a history of all the unique moves used by the contestant, and the fighters background, their hardwork etc.
This review might now be able to cover this show's great, wonderful parts and that's why I recommend you to watch it! Its worth your time for sure!

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